In the following post, I share my experience of using the Purifying range of African Extract for the last two months. Their Purifying Range specifically targets oily skin prone to breakouts.

Their 3-step skincare routine is super easy to follow on a daily basis. You start by gently washing your face with the cleansing wash, followed by applying toner with a cotton pad. Lastly you apply the daily moisturiser. This may seem odd regarding an oily skin, but even though you’ve got oily skin, moisturising still plays an important role in your skincare routine.

 My favourite product of the Purifying Range is definitely their 3 in 1 Wash/Scrub/Mask. This product is super convenient for traveling. You can now only pack one product to use in three different ways.

 I use this product as a scrub after a long day of wearing heavy make-up for hours on set. Exfoliating leaves my skin feeling fresh, rejuvenated and revitalised. I also love to spoil myself with some “me time” on a Sunday. Then I’ll use this product as a mask to relax and get ready for a new week ahead.

They also have a little lifesaver called; Vanishing cream. Vanishing cream helps to keep the skin moisturised and can sometimes be used as a base for make-up, it helps to seal and protect the skin from chemicals. It also helps to retain moisture and this helps to keep your skin healthy.

Over all I was extremely happy with the result of the Purifying Range by African Extract. Not only are they Cruelty Free, they also use one of my favourite ingredients in their products; Rooibos. I love Rooibos not only because it’s indigenous to the Western Cape, but there are loads of medicinal advantages to using it.

This Range is also super accessible, affordable and easy to use. You can buy the product at most of our leading retailers as well as online. There are easy to follow instructions at the back of the products and you can also read up about the products, how to use them and their ingredients on African Extract’s website.

I would recommend these products to each and every young girl or woman that struggles with oily skin. You can view my video review on Youtube.

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