Nutrition Specialist and Heath Food Consultant Nathalie Larsen was kind enough to share her recipe for sprouting on Instagram and I’ve decided to try it out. Not having the greenest fingers, I was skeptical about how things would turn out. Amazed by the outcome, I am happy to share with you my first green babies and the recipe I followed to grow them.

 Day 1

– Evening

Place 3 tbsp of seeds in a 1 liter glass jar, completely covered in filtered water, secured with any sort of fine mesh, pantyhose or Muslin cloth and fasten with a rubber band. Soak overnight.

Day 2

– Morning

Drain the water by leaving the secured gauze in place so that the seeds are reserved in the jar.

Place the jar at an angle using any prop you may have (get creative with this or purchase a sprouting rack). I used my drying rack. This allows the excess water to drain out of the jar and prevents them from rotting.

– Evening

Rinse the sprouts and drain again. Place the jar back in its sprouting prop and leave overnight.

Day 3


– Morning

Repeat Day 2 process for at least 4 more days. Make sure to clean out all drippings that may collect at the base of the jar – this could mould and attract unwanted bad bacteria.

Day 5

– Morning

By today, you should have a jar full of life giving sprouts!!!


Remove the sprouts from the jar and place in a bowl. Cover with filtered water and gently move the sprouts around in the water to release the husks of the seeds – They should foat to the surface. Gently scoop them out and discard. Drain the sprouts, place on absorbent material to dry, somewhere slightly sunny.


In a breathable container cushioned with absorbing paper towel and keep refrigerated.

It is safe to say this recipe is fool proof and I would encourage everyone to try it out for themselves. I loved waking up to see if there was any change to my sprout and on day 5 I was ecstatic to find my jar completely full.

Thank you Nathalie for sharing this easy to follow recipe. You can read more about Nathalie on her website: Earth to Plate or follow her on Instagram & Facebook.

Natalie and artist Nic de Jesus also has a joint Instagram account Earth to Paper, where I got this recipe from.

They share a lot of interesting recipes and are true promoters of healthy and holistic living.

Remember to tag us #Sunkissedblogsa when you try out sprouting.


Arina xx

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