Beating Dark Circles like a Pro

Beating Dark Circles like a Pro

Be it from a crazy night out, those pesky allergies or lack of sleep, dark circles happen to pretty much everyone. Let’s have a look at how to fake bright and woken eyes with colour correctors & concealers.

*If you wear foundation, apply your foundation like you normally would, this will help with the blending process later on. In this post I didn’t, so if you’re following this route just proceed.


Dark circles are mostly blue, grey or brown in colour. Therefore we need to apply colour correctors that are opposite on the colour wheel to cancel them out (Colour Theory), making them less visible. These colours will be peachy, orange or red tones. Fair skin will work best with light peach and the darker the skin tone the more intense the pigment i.e. orange or even red. (Keep in mind that some people only need concealer with these undertones for circles whilst the rest will need the colour correctors beforehand.)

Apply the corrector ONLY on the dark parts dabbing the product on with either your ring finger or a concealer brush. I prefer using my fingers as I have more control over my movement.



When choosing the right concealer formula it is important to remember that it should apply smoothly without caking.

Blending without foundation – Make sure the concealer you choose is only one shade lighter than your skin tone as it will act as foundation. Dab it over the colour corrector & blend it out. This is usually done in the shape of an upside down triangle under the eye using fingers or concealer brushes. I like using a damp beauty blender for blending as I feel that my buffing brushes, buff the correctors away – light touch is key. As you blend, the peachy tones will start to disappear. Give it some time to set and if it creases you can smooth it out with more blending.



To make sure your concealer stays put or doesn’t crease under your foundation, dust it with a light layer of translucent powder. I would suggest avoiding mineral powders as the sheen might accentuate fine lines/wrinkles & full coverage powders tend to cake.


You can now proceed with the rest of your makeup like cheeks & lips if you wanted to.

And there you have it, no more looking down & dull! I can’t wait to see you guys give it a go.



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