Beating the Post-holiday Beauty Blues 

Festive season is over & you’re ready to take on the New Year, but your skin & hair isn’t feeling it. Today I’ll be sharing my go-to products to whipping that beauty self-care routine back into shape after the holiday so that you start 2018 with a bang! 

Ta-ta dried out locks 

We all know that those sunrays & the salty sea is probably not the best treat for your hair.  Wavy, sun-bleached hair can feel like straw in the end. Days of sun, salt and in some cases chlorine can leave your hair dry, frizzy & untameable. I suggest using Goldwell’s Dualsense 60 second treatment range (I use Blonde & Highlight) – this is probably the best product my hairdresser has introduced me to (Shout-out to Elona Marias-Bruyns ). It regenerates the hair & restores shine. The best part is it does the trick in one minute. No need to stand around waiting for a product to do its job.  

*Tip: If you’re on a budget, try lathering your ends with coconut oil & wearing it as an overnight hair mask. Coconut oil is amazing when it comes to hydration from top to toe. 

Thanks for staying beautiful complexion 

Summer is about sporting your golden tan, beautiful complexion & clear skin. Hopefully it will last long after, right? Normally once the post-holiday blues kicks in our skin tends to settle back into routine & you might need to add a little helping hand to avoid the negatives of this process. From the sun’s heated rays, the drying effect of air conditioning, a lack of sleep & a Christmas diet, the holiday season can wreck your skin. I always focus on purifying & hydrating post-holiday. Up your water intake to cleanse & hydrate from the inside & then use the following to take care of the outside: 


Purify your face with a clay face mask to rebalance sebum production. I love the intensity of the L’Oreal Detox & Brighten Pure Clay Mask.  It is a deep-cleansing mask cleansing deep into the pores. It contains charcoal which draws out impurities & lifts them to the surface. You can apply it over the entire face, but because it is quite intense on my skin I mostly apply it to the T-zone which is my problem area. 5 – 10 minutes & you are good to go. You’ll be left with purified & clear skin. 

Parched skin needs a protective layer. Add back moisture by applying a hydrating product. Skin Creamery’s Skin Tonic is the bomb. This is a two-phased tonic perfect for restoring the skin after cleansing. It consists of a water phase with a beautiful omega oil layer on top. The oil will hydrate & condition your skin. Shake the bottle for a few seconds to make the layers mix & then apply the desired amount. 

Body –  

I love a good exfoliation once a week. It always makes me feel refreshed & revived & what better feeling to have when starting your day. A favourite scrub of mine has got to be But First’s Coffee Mint Body Scrub. Not only does the smell awaken your senses, but it leaves your skin feeling A-MA-ZINGGG!! I love the fact that the scrub is super fine in texture. Rough scrubs tend to hurt my skin & after a summer holiday & maybe some skin peeling I suggest something gentler. Coffee is also good for targeting cellulite by increasing blood flow. After you’ve been scrubbed down, smooth over some more coconut oil. Trust me on this one. 

No more heels from hell 

It’s no surprise that gallivanting in flip-flops all summer will be putting your feet through some tough times. The sun, rough terrain & the general lack of protection can lead to dry, cracked heels that give a rough appearance. To help you put your best foot forward in the New Year I suggest using Simply Bee’s Heel Balm. It’s a natural handmade product containing neither chemicals nor synthetic fragrances. Apply a generous amount before bed each night to really hydrate the feet & keep your skin soft & subtle.  

*Tip – After applying the balm, put on some socks to intensify the process. 

With these few products you are bound to look & feel good as you enter the “new year, new me” phase. Get in touch with us if you want to share some of your own beauty secrets or tag us using the hashtag #SunkissedBlogSA if you’ve used any of the products above. 

Have a blessed 2018! 


Carmen xxx 

**All views & opinions are my own. Products as well as outcomes differ from one person to the next. 




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