Body Positivity & Women Empowerment | My Golden Fox Experience 

Body positivity is & always has been a topic close to my heart. Being raised by a bulimic survivor, it was always embedded that I need to love myself & honour my body. 

As the years went by, I grew up & became my own woman with my own thoughts & feelings regarding the idea of “loving” the body I have been given. Despite her efforts, I have succumbed to the opinions of others over the years.  

I spend time reading, following & watching some of my fellow sisters going through their own journeys as they deal with the pressure of perfection, self-esteem ups & downs & judgement.  

I didn’t grow up in a conservative household & I’ve always been a firm believer that: “Nudity empowers some. Modesty empowers some. Different things empower different women. And it’s not your place to tell her which is which.” 

This is where my Golden Fox experience comes in. It was time for me to do something about the mind-set I have allowed to be created – either by me or others.  

But, empowering yourself through photos has its own set of challenges – you look at them with a new set of eyes every time, sets that aren’t always that forgiving. Then there is the world one also needs to deal with. 

To many, (and I am putting this lightly) this is seen as seeking validation, attention, being vain, a tease, and all the other horrible things when they can’t seem to grasp the concept that confidence comes in many shapes, forms & ideas. 

So before the flash even goes off I’m already doubting every inch of my being, thinking about all the above. Let’s add in some cellulite, tummy rolls & small breasts & really make it a party. No pressure. 

By sharing my experience with Golden Fox I know I’m opening myself up to a lot of hate, distaste & misunderstandings – but before you judge: 

Don’t confuse confidence with promiscuity. Don’t confuse comfortable with immoral.  

 Every woman needs to hear this: destroy the idea that it’s humble to hate yourself. Destroy the idea that loving yourself is conceited. Loving the skin you’re in & wanting the world to know doesn’t make you a temptress. These are ideas & beliefs forced upon us by society & people who refuse to face the fact that bulldozing women (physically & emotionally) is a very real problem. Loving yourself must be one of the most difficult things to achieve, so why the hell wouldn’t you want the world to know you’re a damn warrior who has overcome the battle that is self-love?! 


Thank you Simone for the most liberating experience. An experience that moved me to tears afterwards. Exhilarated. Confident. Beautiful. These are the words that come up when I think about my time with you. Not all the other names I have heard. 

Thank you for the effort, support & understanding you have with your clientele. Thank you for shaming the mental bullies I have kneeled to & showing me how to appreciate my being & the skin that surrounds it. 

I highly recommend that each & every woman does an empowering shoot like this one. Your soul will thank you. 


I am not her. I am not them. I am me. So do not worry momma, the force is female. 

Love, Carmen xxx 

Beautiful photos provided by Simone Davis, owner of Golden Fox




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