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 In today’s fitness post, I’ll show you the pain and gains of boxing lessons with Blessing Mutero. I met Blessing last year August for my first boxing session. I joined my home school student for this new experience, but NEVER thought I would fall in love with the sport like I did.

Warm up



During boxing you body will take on new ways moving that you are not used to, therefor doing a thorough warm up is absolutely vital.



Sparring was one of the most terrifying things in the beginning, but accepting that you’re going to get punched and focusing on your recovery is what pulls you through. One of the most valuable lessons Blessing taught me was that there’s no place for emotions in the ring. If you get angry you lose focus and often drop your defense. We would normally do 3 round of 3 minutes each.

HITT afterwards




Blessing truly push you to your limit. I mean after a sparring session I’m already half dead, but pushing through it and doing the HITT afterwards is what makes you stronger. I must say out of all the sport I’ve done throughout my life, this has honestly been the toughest but most rewarding.

Warm down

Warm done and stretching is most definitely one of the most important aspects of any work out. When you work out, lactic acid builds up in your muscles. This often leads to muscle soreness and fatigue. Stretching after a workout helps to reduce muscle fatigue.


I’ve decided to take part in my first Fight Night 22 April 2017, and have started training for it actively since January. Hard NOX Box Fit will be hosting a Charity Fight Night (Ramble in the heart of Cape Town). I am super excited and confident with Blessing Mutero as my trainer. One of my main reasons for doing this, is to fight the stigma around women that do boxing. I want to show people that as a very girly girl, I do enjoy boxing as a sport and what it can do for you.

Take a look at what Blessing is up to with his training sessions on Facebook: at Boxing with Blessing Mutero / Instagram: boxing_with_blessing_mutero.

Photographs by: Bredine Kruger Creatives

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