On the 21st of June, I got my eyebrows microbladed for the first time. I was terrified by the idea of doing something permanent on my face, or so I thought, until Marlinette explained to me that microblading is only a semi-permanent procedure. It was a big deal for me to make the decision to get my brows microbladed, but after meeting Marlinette, I knew that if I’m going to do it, she should be the one doing it. 


So, there I was all prepped and ready for the journey ahead. The procedure starts with numbing cream being applied to the brows to prevent you from feeling pain. Marlinette also advises you to take a painkiller a hour before your session. While we waited for the numbing cream to do its magic, Marlinette drew my brow shape with precision. She measured each brow to be symmetric and checked it with an app. After giving the okay from my side, she was ready to start.

I was surprised when it wasn’t sore at all as I was expecting a lot of pain. The sound was the only thing that got to me and at times I closed my ears. Before I knew it, it was all over.

Procedure photos: Rezain Desai Photography


Marlinette sends you home with an aftercare guide, stating the do’s and don’ts after the procedure. A tricky one for me was not getting my brows wet for the first couple of days. You can image the funny shower positions, trying to wash your hair without wetting your brows at the same time. She also gives you an ointment to apply after a few days.


After 3 weeks, my brows healed beautifully. At this stage, you can identify the little areas that needs to be touched up. Marlinette advises clients to come back for a touch up session after 5/6 weeks to fill the little gaps or make your brows even fuller.


After 6 weeks, I was back in Marlinette’s capable hands to do my touch up session. She made my brows fuller and filled my gaps. In my second session, I felt a little discomfort. I was under a lot of work stress and according to Marlinette this can cause pain. Apart from the stress I completely forgot to take a pain killer before the session. Luckily the pain immediately went away after she added more numbing cream.


It’s three weeks post touch up and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I use to struggle to shape my brows using all kinds of brow pencils and brushes. Now brushing them in the right direction is all I have to do. How amazing?

Take a look at Marlinette’s work and other services she offers on her website and follow her Marlimakeup_Brows page on Instagram to see more of her amazing brow transformations.

You can also view a previous post; Marli make-up, featuring her skills as a make-up artist. I honestly feel that more that 10 years in the make-up industry gives her a perfect understanding of brow shaping for each and every face.

I recommend Marlinette to anyone considering microblading. She is extremely proud of her work and her great interpersonal skills makes it an absolute pleasure to be around her.


Arina xx

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