During the summer holiday, my boyfriend and I took a road trip from Cape Town to Swakopmund, Namibia. With 1833km ahead of us we took to the road on Thursday the 14th of December. Excited about the holiday we easily made it to our first sleepover spot in Keetmanshoop. A small town 300km into Namibia.

We were welcomed by the friendly owners of Quiver Inn, a lovely guesthouse in Keetmanshoop. They suggested The Schützenhaus for dinner. Established in 1907, The  Schützenhaus is the oldest German Club in Namibia.

The next day we braced the last 852km to Swakopmund. I’m not joking when I say it’s a long road, take lots of pillows. After traveling in 36 degrees for most of the day, we were overjoyed with the misty overcast weather Swakopmund greeted us with.

Our main focus was to visit good friends of ours, therefor we mostly did things in and around Swakopmund. Hence my idea to tell readers what to do when your visiting this beautiful German influenced town. Obviously trying different restaurants is one of my favourite things to do, so let’s start there.

My ‘must try’ restaurants in Swakopmund:

  • Blue Grass
  • Ocean Cellar
  • Two Beards
  • Cordes & CO
  • Village Cafe

We had a lovely lunch at Cordes & CO, a coffee shop type of restaurant with the most delicious burgers.


Brewing my own coffee at Two Beards was such a cool experience. It’s an unique coffee roastery with loads of different blends to try.

Cocktails and sushi at Ocean Cellar is an absolute must.

Things to do:

  • Riding camels
  • Sky diving
  • Quad bike tours in the desert
  • Visit the Crystal Gallery
  • Stop at the shipwreck on your way to Henties bay
  • Henties bay “dead sea”


The best experience throughout the trip was riding on a camel in the desert. Wish you could’ve seen my face when the camel got up. We booked our camel ride through Desert Explorers, theres a variety of adventurous things to choose from.


Amazed by the beauty of the ocean, I was once again reminded of her strength after seeing this shipwreck on our way to Henties bay.

Swimming in the “dead sea” of Henties bay was one of the most interesting feelings and it took some time getting used to floating without trying to keep yourself up. But while floating around we realized that we forgot fresh water to rinse ourselves with. This was a big no, no. The level of salt concentration is so high that any part of your body that’s out of the water for too long, dries out and forms a white layer of salt on your body. When you eventually get out, the salt on your body can become a nightmare. So remember the fresh water!

After a fun filled week it was time to head back, but as you all know going back is never the same. The road was long and ‘vistpumping’ to Timo ODV rocking the Beach Bash the night before didn’t help much. But we got home safe just in time for Christmas eve.

Road tripping to Namibia was such an awesome experience and I would strongly recommend anyone to go. There is still so much more to see, so I’ll definitely go back to see more of the country.

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