C A R M E N  S I T A by Carmen du Toit


Today’s post is a personal one close to my heart: I will be introducing my pride & joy, Carmen Sita Makeup|Hair, & how my journey as an artist started.

After matriculating, life led out a few paths for me to follow. I obtained my BSC degree in Human Life Sciences with Psychology & after a year of struggling to find my first ever legitimate job as a graduate, I made the decision to turn to my other passion – the world of beauty – so I got myself to finish a makeup course.

Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d end up being a badass scientist & apparently good at painting faces too.

(Now I know the two seem like polar opposites, but could you imagine the possibilities when combining the two fields?! That, I would say is my ultimate career goal.)

This wasn’t a particularly easy phase in my life as I was being ridiculed (to this day) by many for my life choices. It never really gets easier telling very uninformed humans (…and I say humans because my cat would’ve high-fived me if he could) you basically wasted your parent’s money to go study at a fancy university, just to end up with “not a real job.”  #HatersGonnaHate

Luckily, I am blessed to have an incredible supportive & understanding family. I always knew that unfortunately (fortunately) I am an individual who would rather work my fingers to the bone through passion than roll in the ‘cashmoney’ just because society made wealth sound like #goals. I have a thing for doing, saying & liking the total opposite of those around me.

As the one door closed, a new one opened as I was given the opportunity to broaden my makeup journey by joining my television family: The Expresso Show, Afternoon Express, Top Billing to name a few.

Here my life as an artist started, & I decided to launch my own personal brand as well – Carmen Sita was born. With the television industry and all the possibilities it had to offer on the one end & with blood, sweat & many tears trying to make my first buck as a freelancer after hours on the other, makeup has shown me that it is all but glamorous. It is more work than play. You’re mostly the one at the backend of the camera or probably sitting in the corner at the event, & you’re most likely doing something totally out of your comfort zone, like creaming a celeb’s legs or taping a boob here and there (#FreeTheNipple has never been more real).  And don’t forget the occasional latté run. To this day, the kick I get from nailing a look, or the overwhelming joy a bride expresses always outweighs the hardships of this industry.

Almost three years have passed & I have decided to broaden my horizons even further, but I can proudly state (with my middle finger in the air) that Carmen Sita is still very up & running, doing better than I could’ve ever anticipated. I recently launched my new website to celebrate. (Shoutout to Bredine Kruger for being totally amazing)

With all of this & Arina giving me the opportunity & freedom to share my love of all things beauty on our SunkissedBlog lovechild, this is merely a drop in my ocean. Here is to what is still to come!

“You are the page, the ink, the poem.”  – Carmen’s ribcage


Carmen xx

*Photographers are listed in chronological order of how photos appear

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  1. Wow!!! So proud of you! I really wish you all of the best. May your journey be blessed with even more passion, dollars and opportunities.

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