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I have decided to change things up when it comes to my skincare. I have officially taken the leap & am now giving the world of organic skincare a proper chance. Most of you will know when it comes to my self-care I am pretty pedantic & take it quite serious, so this decision wasn’t one that was made lightly. 

Today I share with you my product, or rather range of the month: Deity Skin, a proudly South African brand that is 100% vegan, cruelty-free & promises pure simplicity.  

The range is locally made using essential oils at their purest, combined with herbs & gemstones known for their healing properties. Their vision entails having a skincare range that is simplistic yet effective focussing on the healing & nourishment of the skin whilst protecting nature. 

A big plus is that the range only consist of four products (key is simplicity, remember), so you won’t be stuck trying to remember when to use what & it won’t break your bank. 

As I am taking baby steps, I only bought two of the products: 

  • FACE POLISH (R240.00 50ml)

Most exfoliating agents strip the skin of its natural oils leaving your skin feeling dry. Say hello to your new best friend. This Tea Tree & Poppyseed mixture is gentle on the skin yet effective enough to get rid of any build-up. The best part for me is the fact that the product is customizable to your own wants & needs. 

 Step 1 – Through a penny-sized amount into a little mixing bowl or the palm of your hand. 

Step 2 – Add a few drops of water to make a paste-like consistency. Here one can customize it to your liking. The more moisture you add, the less textured it will be. 

Step 3 – Exfoliate your face & neck using circular motions. Rinse with warm water. 

*Optional – this step is mostly used for masks but I did try it with the polish. You can mix it with yoghurt or honey & let it sit for 3minutes. Rinse with warm water. 

  • TONING MIST (R220.00 100ml) 

Toners are mostly used to end-off the cleansing phase. Unfortunately some tend to be extremely harsh due to their ingredients. Luckily for you, this one is anything but harsh – rose, aloe & frankincense are the key players in this therapeutic beauty. Its aids in the relief of skin sensitivity whilst helping with hydration tackling those fine lines. Simply spritz across the face & enjoy the calming effects. As a makeup artist I also use this as a setting spray & to stay hydrated during the day. 

Thus far I am very happy with how my skin is responding & I am glad they get to form part of my new regime. Deity Skin can be purchased online or at selected stockist – be sure to visit their website to read more about their incredible story & give them some love on social media (@deityskin).  


Carmen xxx 



*All views & opinions are my own. Products as well as outcomes differ from one person to the next 

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