Don’t leave your kimono behind


Today’s FASHION TIP is all about breaking the boundaries of your seasonal wardrobe. I am sure all of you have noticed the change in weather for the last couple of days. Our long summer days are quickly changing into chilly mornings and colder evenings. With this, most ladies are starting to pack away their summer wardrobe in preparation for the dark days ahead.

BUT ladies maybe you should reconsider some items, like for example; a KIMONO.

It’s a fashion item generally worn more in Summer. It’s flowy and easy to wear as cover over a swimsuit, but there’s more uses for this beauty.

Depending on the look of your kimono, you can even use it with a dressed-up outfit.

You can also wear it over a jean with a tank top to create a casual look, covering your shoulders against the chills of seasons changing.

Hope you found this tip helpful and reconsider the use of some items in you wardrobe. Click here to see the various Kimonos available at Shop Sunkissed.

Photographs by: Veronique Mills Photography

Hair and Makeup by: Anette Haughton


Arina xx

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