Fat Sak took bean bags to a whole new level. Their bean bags are a massive improvement to the ones we use to get. My brother and I constantly begged our parents to buy those very bright coloured bean bags they sell at the traffic lights, but they just wouldn’t allow it. It was too bright and the quality of the faux leather was really not good.

Fat Sak designed bean bags that’s super comfy and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can choose between bright and funky colours or more natural colours. Apart from using your  Sak for relaxing in front of the tv, you can use it to read, sleep and even to work on a laptop.

They have a large, medium and small Sak and wide variety of products to add to your Fat Sak collection. I love this product and think it’s a must for every home.

Take a look at their products and prices on their website.

You can also follow them on Social Media: Facebook & Instagram.


Lay back, relax and enjoy your Fat Sak.



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