Nestled in the heart of the Durbanville wine valley, located on Hillcrest Wine Farm, one can find this authentic brewery. The Sunkissed Blog team took a break from the city hustle & decided to pay Havoc Brew a visit. Even though Havoc Brew specialise in farm brewed craft beer ( they even have their own brewery space on the farm), there is something for everyone. 

Hillcrest & Havoc Brew operate as separate entities but you can order of the Hillcrest wine list. It was a hot summer’s day so we started off with a bottle of vino from Hillcrest. 

We paired that with a Havoc Brew Sausage & Brewery Platter – getting mixed up in German & Greek cuisine. Bockwurst, Sauerkraut, variety of cheeses, Makatan, Olives…You name it, we had it. 

Since we were at the brewery, we simply couldn’t let a beer tasting opportunity go by. We decided on the Havoc Tasting Platter, so we could get a proper feel for what the brewery offers – Lager, Dry Stout Weiss & Red Ale. And what better combo than beer & pizza. We ended our day with a TNT pizza. Havoc Brew pizzas are AMAZING!!!  You won’t be disappointed.


Be sure to go visit them over the weekend & tag us using the hashtag #SunkissedBlogSA to share your experience! 



Carmen xx 

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