In today’s post, I’ll be sharing the good and the bad of my cleanse experience with Fitchef’s Nurish Juice Cleanse.  I started my cleanse, Wednesday February 27th . A three-day cleanse may sound easy for people that’s use to cleansing, but for me, a lover of food, going three days without it seemed like an impossible task.

Day 1

Waking up the first morning realizing that I can’t run to the fridge as soon as my eyes opened came as a shock. Breakfast is literally the best part of my day, but I signed up for this, so I grabbed my eating chart (a page that gives you your juice times) and I started my day with a green tea. My first juice was at 8 o’clock. The next one at 11 o’clock, by that time I felt so sorry for myself, embarrassing I know! I quickly gulped up my second juice as soon as the clock hit 11. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste; it was fresh and tasty. The rest of the day I was extremely busy so I didn’t really have time to feel sorry for myself, I drank all my juices and before I knew it, day one was over.

Day 2

Waking up on the second day my brain and body knew that my normal breakfast was something of the past!. I had my morning tea and juice at 8 o’clock and patiently waited of my 11 o’clock juice. I packed my juices and hit the road for a busy day. Going to the hair dresser and running what felt like a million errands, kept my head of the “no eating” and I was doing fine. I felt good. That afternoon I decided to do a work out. Not just any work out, I did a 30 minute Tabata workout and I performed better than other days. I was amazed and on such a high. I could not belief that my body can do this, without having any solid foods for two days.

Day 3

By day three my morning ritual and 11 o’clock juice was something my body got used to, but oh my goodness, day three definitely tested my limits. Late afternoon food was literally all I could think of. I even tried to convince myself that if I ate after 8 o’clock that night I would still have completed a three-day cleanse, because my last juice was at seven o’clock. The things you can make yourself belief, but after a phone call from a friend encouraging me to not spoil this journey on my last night, I decided I’m not eating until breakfast the next day. When my fiancé came home, we went for a run, I just had to get out of the house. Honestly I think that’s what made day three so challenging. I was working from home and not running around like the previous two days. I had too much time to think about food. Oh, my gosh, I sound like a serious foodie. 

The Juices

The cleanse consists out of 5 juices, a shot and a smoothie for every day. The fist juice; Revitaliser juice at 08:00 followed by a Fruity Green Smoothie at 11:00 and for lunchtime a Bright juice at 13:00. After that you get quite a shock with a Powerup Shot at 14:00. One hour after the shot you have your Soothe juice at 15:00 and my favourite juice Igniter at 16:30. Then lastly you have your second Bright juice at 19:00. In between your juices you get to drink teas from your tea detox pack and it’s very important to stay hydrated.

My experience

Overall I am extremely happy that I did the Nourish Cleanse. Even though it was hard at some stages though out the three days, I really needed a wakeup call regarding eating habits. I definitely overfed myself. Overfed sounds harsh, but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Realising that I can function 100% on so little food came as a shock. I usually ate three carb dense meals every day. Now after the cleanse I have drastically adjusted my portion sizes and added more fruits and less meat to my diet. I feel better than ever and extremely happy with the change. 

I would honestly recommend this juice cleanse to everyone. It had a huge impact on my life and made me realise that diet is key in living a healthy lifestyle. I always believed my intense training routines was enough, or that I had to eat so much food to keep up with my work outs. I was completely wrong. Your diet is an essential part of truly living a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you Fitchef for this wonderful journey.


Arina xx

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