A while back I tested the Bio series of Lamarie professional. I decided to wait with my review of this product, because I wanted to be 100% sure before recommending it to other women.

After trying out another skincare range, I now miss the way my skin felt whilst using Lamarie’s Bio- Restore Serum and Bio-Care Q10 Cream.

I’ve got normal to oily skin, but can sometimes struggle with dry spots on my skin. They recommend their Bio series developed for younger normal to oily skin. A perfect match!

Bio-Restore Serum

I started my skincare routine with a wash followed by the application of their Bio- Restore serum. It’s got gold flakes in, how fabulous? According to Lamarie: “This unique formula aids with dryness and refreshes the skin’s surface to help maintain a natural glow”. I can second that; my natural glow was on point.

Bio-Care Q10 Cream

After getting my glow on, I applied their  Bio-Care Q10 Cream. It’s a lighter texture cream, which feels soft and not as heavy as other moisturizers.

Lamarie’s Bio-Series is something I would undoubtedly recommend to young women with natural to oily skin. It honestly worked for me and is worth a try for you.

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