Living life on a fast pace, requires eating on an even faster one. Popping in for a quick lunch is something most Capetonians do on a regular basis. There’s so many good spots in and around the CBD area, but time efficiency plays a huge roll in your choice of restaurant during lunch time rush. I Would suggest Tribe Coffee Roasting in Woodstock.

Their service was great, their prices good and the post important, they’ve got PARKING. This makes it super convenient and easy to go to. We all know the feeling of trying to get parking in Cape Town.

Apart from the above pros of Tribe, their food was delicious. Bear in mind we went for a quick lunch so decided to order something simple, they offer a variety of other interesting food combinations. I ordered a Sarmie with ham, cheese and tomato and my mom ordered a chicken wrap.

Their interesting interior, good food and lovely coffee aromas hanging in the air makes Tribe Coffee Roasting a pit stop I would suggest you make. They also have super cool wall art at their outside area, which gives it a hip and funky feel.

Be sure to go visit them & tag us using the hashtag #SunkissedBlogSA to share your experience! 


Arina xx

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