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As most of you know from previous posts, I am very passionate when it comes to my skincare & that I have decided to give the world of organic products & ranges a proper chance. 

It has now been just over 4 weeks of being all natural & I am loving it – still getting used to the idea – but loving it. Today I introduce to you one of the ranges that form a part of my daily regime:    The Skin Creamery. 

The range is nothing short of its tagline: luxury natural skincare. With their frosted glass bottles & eccentric packaging, this has got to be one of the most beautiful ranges I have come across. 

Their founder, Hannah Rubin prides herself in formulating a range that is not only good for your skin, but good for our environment as well. Each ingredient is locally grown & chosen for their healing abilities to getting & maintaining beautiful skin. 

I don’t have the whole range but I’ll be sharing my products & how I use them down below. I have combination skin & battle with flaking as well as excess oil. 

  • Oil-Milk Cleanser (R320.00 200ml) 

As a makeup artist this is one of the best products to remove makeup from my skin. Oil breaks down makeup residue whilst the milk nourishes your skin. This cleanser is soap & alcohol free so don’t worry about stripping the skin of its natural oils. 

How I use it: In the mornings I wipe my face with a warm cloth. This is personal preference as I have found that it works better for me not to actually cleanse in the AM. At night, if I am wearing makeup, I use the cleanser as is first without any water. I massage the product all over to break up my makeup. Rinse & then repeat with the cleanser mixed with a bit of water to create a milky texture. 

  • Skin  Tonic (R420.00 100ml) 

What a cool product! This is a two-phased skin tonic perfect for restoring the skin after cleansing. It consists of a water phase with a beautiful omega oil layer on top. Because of my skin type I have absolutely no need to moisturise afterwards. 

 How I use it: I use this product in the AM after wiping my face. Shake the bottle for a few seconds just to ensure that the water & oil layers mix. If you feel that you need more hydration you can apply a moisturiser on top. 

  • Everyday Cream (R295.00 200ml)

This hypoallergenic cream is suitable for all skin types, all over your body. Yes, this cream doubles as a face & body cream.  It is made of the finest omega oils making it lightweight & easily absorbable for the skin. 

 How I use it: This is my night cream. I prefer wearing very hydrating & moisturising products at night to give my skin the best benefit from the ingredients while I rest. 

 Be sure to visit their website – there you can read all about their journey as well as every ingredient that goes into their products. The range is easily available online & at certain stockists. 

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Carmen xxxxx 



*All views & opinions are my own. Products as well as outcomes differ from one person to the next 

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