This women’s day I would like to introduce you to a new series of posts aiming at honouring and giving thanks to our strong, brave and risk taking South African women. Celebrating women, the theme for this series will be to showcase the work of super women in South Africa. First up is Nicola Du Toit from Layers Skin Clinic in Stellenbosch.

Nicola offers a variety of clinical facial treatments(e.g., age prevention, pigmentation & acne correction, medical needling) and other beauty treatments.  But more than that Nicola strives to educate women about their skin and the importance of taking care of it. Not only does Nicola work out a comprehensive skincare plan for each client, she also uses her social media platforms to share her tips about skincare.

Being perfectionistic in her work, Nicola goes the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction and achieving the required results. She works with trusted brands in the industry and I trust her advice 100%.


Nicola and I have been working on a few concepts to help better the understanding of some skincare treatments. Like for instance, Micro Needling. After looking at a few videos of the procedure on Instagram, it sure looks scary to me. But this is most definitely not the case. We will give you the ins on some of the treatments, how they feel and the aftercare steps that should be followed to get the best results in upcoming posts.

Nicola truly believes in addressing skincare problems as a whole and therefor changing your whole lifestyle to improve your skin condition, rather than doing superficial beauty treatments without a lasting effect. For her change should come from the mind, soul and body.

Thank you Nicola for all the tips you share about skincare and your vision to address skincare within all the layers of a person

Read more about the treatments she offer on the website.

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