With Pallid as inspiration for this shoot, Photographer Dylan Louw, Make-up artist Niki De Wet, Model Lucinda De Bruin and Retoucher Sarah Nagel created some serious magic.

By combining softer eyeshadow colours with bolder flowers and  bolder eyeshadow colours with softer flowers, they’ve created the perfect contras in their shots. I personally love the first look with the white orchard. The way Niki repeated the yellow of the orchard with the yellow on Lucinda’s face is just exquisite.



I am sure you will all agree that they’ve completely aced this look. COMMENT your favourite look by this dream team!

Follow their work on the Gram:

Photographer: Dylan Louw

Make-up artist: Niki De Wet

Model: Lucinda De Bruin

Retoucher: Sara Nagel

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