In the beautiful Franschoek; photographer Astrid Saker and make-up artist Almarie van der Merwe captured everything they envisioned for their spring blossom shoot, I was fortunate enough play model for them.

At the location, we were faced with a few obstacles before we could begin with the shoot. For starters, a two-meter wire fencing which wasn’t ideal to climb through wearing a wedding dress.

Luckily some of the farm workers directed us to another plantation of the most beautiful white blossoms, but now and then some would swing by to commentate on the shoot.


We experienced a sensational sunset with a golden hour filled with magical moments, the soft colours of the sun combined with the beautiful white blossoms created a warm romantic feel.

In the end we were left with the white blossoms as a backdrop to end off the session. I am sure all creatives understand the satisfaction when you plan a shoot and finally it all comes together perfectly.

The shoot being featured in the Wedding inspiration Summer Edition Magazine was definitely the cherry on top for them, after all there’s no better feeling than being rewarded for your work.

Lastly, the reason for this shoot being so special is that these blossoms only bloom once a year. Not to mention finding a perfect farm is quite the challenge too.

Give them some love and follow their journey on social media:

Astrid Saker: Facebook & Instagram

Almari van der Merwe: Facebook & Instagram

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Arina xx

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