Valentine’s Flair

Valentine’s Flair

Since we are celebrating the month of love, it was the perfect inspo for a new makeup look. In this post I will demonstrate how simply changing a lip colour can transform the look & feel you wish to create.

But first things first, let’s beat the face…

SKIN: I used La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Concealer + Foundation as a base. This is one of my favourite products as it has a hydrating formula & is easy to build. I don’t prefer full coverage foundations, so for those concerned the concealer included has your back. I applied it with my SwiitchBeauty. Multikabuki  brush– when you buff foundation in a circular motion you’ll get a nice sheer layer, really working the product into the skin.

BROWS: One of the best brow products I have used thus far has been Benefit Cosmetics  Goof-Proof brow pencil. Pencil is quick and easy & tends to create a more natural looking brow. Comb the hair upwards & outwards to neaten them. With light strokes, create hair-like lines to start filling in the empty spaces. Remember to define the brow the closer you get to the outer edge.

EYES: Normally for Valentines inspired looks I would use red hues, but this time I went a different route. I played around with more pinkish tones & went completely matte. To create this specific look I used Stila Cosmetics – Eyes are the window to soul (MIND) palette.  Always start with your transitional shade first. This way the colours to follow will blend beautifully & will also help with dimension. I went in with the colour Understanding.  I applied it in my crease and blended it towards my brow bone. I also ran the colour along my lower lash line.

Next up is my darkest shade, Thinker. Apply this to the outer most corner of your eye blending toward the crease, as well as running it along your outer corner of your bottom lashes. Keep blending between these two colours to avoid harsh lines or patchiness. Lastly, on the lid I applied Brilliance. To lift the look, I used my NYX Cosmetics  Strobe of Genius palette to highlight the brow bone & inner corner of the eye. Finish with a coat of your favourite mascara.

CHEEKS:  I normally don’t cream contour but I wanted to try something different. Smashbox has the perfect Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio. Run the darker shade where you want to create the contour and buff to smooth it out. I set it with their Step-By-Step Contour kit, enhancing the colour. For blush I stuck to my main theme of pink and used NYX’s Ombre Blush in Mauve Me & ended off with Strobe of Genius highlight.

I always set my face with a setting spray. It just beautifully melts the makeup into your skin giving a more natural look. I love Me&You(th) 3-in-1 Mist. To end off, lightly dust the skin with some loose powder on areas you tend to go oily during the day. I used RCMA No-Colour Powder.

LIPS: The fun part about choosing a lip is the fact that it can transform your whole look. Here are three shades that will be perfect for your Valentines pucker. I stuck to M.A.C lipsticks for this one, so all three will be easy to find.

  • Soft & Romantic (Please Me)

Perfect for the Plain Jane or if you’re new to the whole lipstick thing. Romantic picnics have never looked so good.


  • Fun & Flirty (Heroine)

Dress up the look (and your confidence) with this electric purple. A real “get over here and kiss me” hue.


  • Vampy & Edgy (Smoked Purple)

Showcase your mysterious side with this beautiful deep colour. For this vixen, less isn’t more.


Whatever your colour, wear it like the queen you are.  Happy Valentine’s Day for next week lovelies.


Carmen x

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