This past weekend my best friend and I visited Wilderer Gin distillery on the R45 just outside of Paarl. We booked their blend “My Own Gin” experience. Not really knowing what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised when we realised each of us get to blend our own unique gin.

We started the afternoon with a tour through the distillery, looking at the different steps Wilderer Gin follows to create their blends of gin. While going through the process, we realised just how special and time consuming their process of blending gin is. They even plant their own Roses, Jasmine and Chamomile for their Floral base. How cool?

After the tour, it was time to blend our gin. We started by smelling the six different bases, 100% Juniper berry, Floral, Christmas spice, Citrus, Fynbos and Buchu. All base flavours contains Juniper berries. This is the key ingredient in any gin.


Christmas spice, Floral and Fynbos stood out for me and I decided to blend my gin with 30% of each and adding 10% of the 100% Juniper berry base for an extra juniper punch. Johan blended a small amount for me to taste and I was immediately satisfied with the result. Whilst he was adding the different bases, I had to come up with a name for my gin.

I named my gin “Festive Rose”. My inspiration came from my two favourite base flavours: Christmas spice and Floral. This led me to derive “Festive” from Christmas, which is generally seen as the festive season and “Rose”, because its one of the ingredients they use for their Floral base.

Ester on the other hand took quite some time to blend her gin and after much deliberation she decided to add a little bit of each base flavour and named it “Floral Spice”.

We loved every moment at Wilderer Gin distillery, learning more about gin and the process of creating a craft gin left us completely amazed. I would recommend the blend “My Own Gin” experience to any fellow gin lover. It’s something fun to do for a birthday, team building or just for an interesting weekend activity.


You can read more about Wilderer Gin, the distillery and try out some of their gin recipes on their website.

You can also stay up to date  with the brand by following their Social Media pages: Facebook & Instagram.


Arina xx


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