“XPRESSO Café is the FIRST R10 TAKE-AWAY coffee shop franchise in South Africa to sell ALL of the items on its menu for ONLY R10 each!!” WHAT R10? Was my reaction when hearing of XPRESSO café for the first time. I couldn’t believe it. Honestly what can you buy for R10 these days. So, this past Saturday both curiosity and astonishment lead me to XPRESSO Café in Durbanville to go and investigate if this is really true.

Walking into XPRESSO we were greeted with the smell of freshly baked pasties, mixed with a divine coffee aroma hanging in the air. At that moment, I realized the decision to choose something is going to be a difficult one, as I wanted everything staring at me through the glass cabinet. While walking towards the shop assistent I must have changed my order about 10 times in my head.

Eventually I blurted out one Chocolate Muffin and a Chai Latte. Confident in my decision I stand and wait as they pack our order. “Fresh Cinnamon Choc Twist”, repeated by one of the bakers as she walks out with a fresh batch. Immediately I rushed to ask if I could change my order. Kindly the assistant changed it for me.

I mean how could I resist. Warm chocolate dripping from a pastry twist. It looked absolutely divine and boy it was, up to the very last bite.

Reinier (my boyfriend) decided to go for the Chocolate Doughnut and Ice Coffee.  Looking at the photo you’ll see that I just had to test if its good enough for him. Obviously it was!

According to the shop assistant their Apple Danish and Chopenhagen are favourites with the customers.

It’s a bonus that they also cater for healthy eaters. Serving various salads, muesli and yogurt.

Give them some love on their social media pages: Facebook & Instagram and visit their website to view their full menu. It would make the decision on what to have so much easier.

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Arina xx

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